Thursday, November 15, 2007

Euro 2008 qualifing reaches do or die stage

The under-fire Three Lions chief appears in real danger of losing his job, as England sit on the brink of failing to qualify for the finals of Euro 2008. England's fate, similar to many sides, could very well be decided this weekend. The November 17 fixtures are :

European Championship Qualifying
17:00 Scotland vs Italy
15:00 Wales vs Rep of Ireland
19:45 Northern Ireland vs Denmark
19:00 Germany vs Cyprus
21:00 Spain vs Sweden
19:30 Holland vs Luxembourg
18:00 Israel vs Russia
19:30 Poland vs Belgium
21:00 Portugal vs Armenia
14:00 Finland vs Azerbaijan
19:45 Serbia vs Kazakhstan
18:00 Lithuania vs Ukraine
19:30 Greece vs Malta
18:00 Norway vs Turkey
17:00 Moldova vs Hungary
19:30 Czech Republic vs Slovakia
17:00 Andorra vs Estonia
19:00 FYR Macedonia vs Croatia
16:00 Latvia vs Liechtenstein
16:00 Bulgaria vs Romania

Who is going to rise up and take care of their business, and who is get tripped up in the last couple of matches? But the big questions is if(when) England doesn't qualify is McClaren out as manager? Should he be replaced or did the injuries take their toll? Let us know also talk about it in the World Soccer Chat Room.

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