Sunday, December 2, 2007

Maywether stops Hatton in the 10th

It's time for the Manchester to put down the pints and come back to reality. As predicted here, Floyd took care of his business with a decisive defeat of Ricky Hatton, via 10th round TKO. Had it not been stopped, Hatton's corner had simultaneously thrown in the towel, as Mayweather knocked Hatton down for the second time in the round. Mayweather was also unanimously ahead on all cards by a wide margin, but was clearly frustrated by Hatton's mauling and tenacity. However Hatton started to tire, slowed down, and Floyd began to find the range quickly and frequently. By the ninth it appeared to be all over but the ceremony. The 10th was formality. Finally a pay-per-view worth watching, AND paying for!

In just a few days the much anticipated match between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton commences with a lot of talk coming from both camps. The 'Pretty-Boy' camp doesn't believe Hatton has ever faced a fighter of Floyd's skill and that's how he's undefeated. Conversely, the Hatton camp thinks Floyd is drastically underestimating Hatton and that will make the difference. Although both camps may be spot on, if Floyd does under estimate Hatton, his supreme condition and ring generalship will allow him to change on the fly and get through. However is the afore mentioned is correct, and we believe it is, then Hatton will simply be overmatched and overwelmed. Look for Floyd to land 4 punches to Hatton's 1, with Hatton throwing punches at places Mayweather was at the night before, terribly slow. This one may go the distance because of Hatton's heart, but the fight will show a lot of similarities to the Arturo Gatty fight. The Pretty-Boy wins a unanimous decision.