Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hamilton wins at Monaco, Dixon at Indy, and rain delays the French Open

Lewis Hamilton jumped into second place after Kimi Raikkonan got off to a slow start and then took the lead when Felipe Massa had to take his pit stop to make the necessary tire change. From there he never looked back. In a race marred with bad weather, two stoppages, and multiple wrecks, it was far from easy but Hamilton proved why he is one of the best in the sport. After holding as much as a 40 second lead most of the way he won his first Monaco Grand Prix and moved to the head of the F-1 standings. The Brazilian Massa has had much hype and still my take things over by the end of the year, but Hamilton will probably ride his wave of momentum all the way across the Atlantic and win in Canada as well.

Scott Dixon made the most of his pole position by taking the flag at the Indy 500 after taking the lead in with 28 laps to go. Once Dixon took the lead his only challenge was avoiding the slower traffic as he went by until Vitor Meira made is move with 4 laps to go and was just .4 seconds behind, but Dixon held him off taking the flag with Marco Andretti taking third. Of course the drama of the race focused around Danica Patrick who was forced out of the race after an accident with Australian Ryan Bricoe. Coming out of the pit on her way back to the track she was clipped by Briscoe and suffered too much damage to continue. Patrick showed some vigor as she was stopped by security personel on the way to the pit box of Briscoe. What actually was what impressed me the most that she actually doesn’t look like she is just happy to be there but competes like someone who has won before. If someone clipped Buddy Rice do you think he would go pay him a visit? She has actually WON an event so she can’t be called the Anna K of auto racing, and now it’s time we welcome her to the club.

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