Thursday, August 14, 2008

Redeem Team gets first taste of redemption

Like Michael Phelps the USA Men’s Basketball team has taken every necessary step along the way to achieving their goal of returning the gold medal to its rightful owner. One of those steps was sending a message to the team that ousted them from the 04’ games in Athens. The ‘Redeem Team’ easily beat Greece 92-69 lead by Kobe Bryant’s 50% shooting and 18 points. The NBA’s MVP had been silent in the previous two games and shooting a dismal 37% but broke out of his slump in a big way in an all important statement game. Chris Bosh also came alive, adding 18 points off the bench. Argentina also has begun to put it together with an impressive win over Croatia. It will come down to a three horse race with Pau Gasol and Spain adding to the mix, but this is the way it should be, where if the US plays its game it really doesn’t AND shouldn’t matter what anyone else does. The US is deeper and more skilled than the rest of the competition and has a coach that knows how to harness that talent. Not since the original DT has the US made it through so effortlessly. But before we start signing let’s get deep into the medal round, as we have been here before.

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RaiderH8er said...

This was the first time I saw Team USA take a game seriously. It was obvious that this game meant a lot more to them, their efforts were exponentially greater in this game than any other they've played to date. If they continue to play with the knowledge that they CAN be beat, making them put forth serious effort and intensity, I don't see them losing to anyone anytime soon.