Friday, February 21, 2014

Canda has the US number, again and agian

For the second time in as many days the US Hockey team’s dream of a gold medal was taken away from our neighbors to the North. Today it was the Men’s side they fell to the Canadians 1-0 on a re-direct goal by Jamie Ben just a minute into the second period. The Canadians had a great game plan that stifled the most prolific offense in the tournament thus far, particularly on Phil Kessel who was tied for the goal lead with 5 and 8 points overall. The story of the day was goal tending with both sides putting up a wall, 68 shots between them in total with only one reaching the back of the net. Using the prior Olympiad as fuel to get back the gold medal game, after “Sid the Kid” won it for the Red Leafs in Vancouver in 2010 in overtime, the US rode into the game poised for revenge as the first five minutes were a flurry of activity and shots on goal (half of the 11 first period shots by the US) but no accomplishment. The game would settle down and good looks would be hard to come by. So it’s back to the drawing board after a couple of really bad beats in this year’s Olympics but suffice to say a new method of motivation might be necessary as this seems to lead to more frustration.

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