Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fight of the Century, Perhaps Two Years Late?

Fight of the Century, Perhaps Two Years Late? It’s almost surreal that we are finally on the verge of the “Fight of the Century” as it seems like we’ve been here so many times before. However unless either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather don’t make the weight, it’s going to happen after five-years of anticipation. The early results are already in as far as PPV sales, and tickets at the arena have well surpassed any in the history of boxing, even with the inflation index added, Ali-Frazier I doesn’t come close. Each fighter is going to get the payday of their lives and they are well aware of that fact. Now there is nothing to do but fight, and to the winner goes the titular title of “Best Pound-Per-Pound Fighter In The World”, and the best of this era. Ya know, I don’t even know exactly which belts or official titles are on the line for this fight and I don’t think it really matters, to me or anyone else for that matter. Now the only question left is can the fight live up to the hype? Two maybe three years ago no doubt this was greatest matchup in the history of the sport, because both fighters were at the peak of their careers, and razor sharp. Since then they both have fought a lot, and Manny has had a little of the shine worn off him as not only has he lost a fight but was knocked out, counted out, unconscious on the canvas. Even though he has come back since then and won two bouts, one has to wonder what kind of toll that took on him and if he gets hit like that again, and rest assured, he will in this fight, how his chin handles it. Floyd min you, has also fought, but hasn’t really been tested, and one might question what happens to him when faced with a world-class opponent that may possibly be, for the first time in Floyd’s career, as quick or quicker to the punch than he is. I guess part of why this event has taken on the goliath proportions that it has is because all of afore questions will finally be answered as someone will emerge as the winner (we hope, we will not be discussing any draw-rematch scenarios today). So what does each have to do have is hand raised at the end of 36 minutes? For Pac-Man, he needs to execute the fast in-and-out style that we have seen when he is at his best. He doesn’t have to worry about loading up for the big shot because he hits surprisingly hard and that might be enough to slow Money down just a step, and that could make all the difference because if Manny is equal in speed you will not out-point him and a decision is his best and perhaps only way to victory. Mayweather on the other hand, also needs to do what he has always done which is execute the best defense ever seen at any level in boxing, and then counter if Pac-Man misses or is out of position. One important factor that seems to be going unnoticed is Floyd’s reach advantage (5 inches) which is huge in a fight like this, where the jab could control the tempo. If Money can tap dance and land that jab to keep Manny at bay, then in the later rounds he may be reaching to try and get to Floyd and as we have seen in the past that’s when he gets tagged and perhaps put down. A decision is still Mayweather’s best path to victory but he is only one of the two that has a shot at a TKO in my opinion. That said, we’re going the way of the champion, between his political career and tasting the canvas for the first time where he doesn’t get up we think Pacquiao has lost a step and although it may not be that big of a difference when fighting a mere mortal, against arguably the best ever it could mean all the difference. We like Floyd in a unanimous decision.

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